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The Role Of Biblical Manhood Lesson 1: Defining Manhood

It seems the meaning of manhood is misconstrued in our culture. Just turn on any television show and the man looks like a moron. I’ll admit, it’s pretty funny to watch the humor these days. But as the years pass, these images set the model for our children on what manhood (and womanhood) looks like.

When young men ask “what is manhood?,” They will develop their answer by the role models in their homes, or who they see in Hollywood. On both sides, there’s a desperate need to display a true image and practice of biblical manhood.

How do we define it?

So how do we define manhood? How one person characterizes it may be entirely different from another. This is why we must have one standard by which we define all things—Scripture.

I heard a student once say,

The Bible is a thing of the past. This is the future and we must build on a modern way of thinking. —Critical Thinking Classmate

This is our problem today. As culture changes, so do our standards of morality—we don’t know what’s right and wrong anymore because it always changes.

Think of it like this. A desk 6,000 years from now will not suddenly become a pencil. It will always be a desk. Why? Because whoever designed it, intended for it to be—a desk.

In the same way, no man should attempt to redefine something God already defined. Since God is the designer of manhood, only he defines it. Since he designed feminism, only he can define it.

I believe if more Christian men (and women) would look to God’s word and discover their image as he intended it, and exemplify it practically in their lives, the world would be a better place today.

Why does it matter?

Why does it matter if we exemplify biblical manhood or not? The answer is simple. God has called the man to lead. So if men don’t know what that looks like biblically, how can they truly lead?

We’ve heard in John 10:10 that Satan comes to kill, steal, and destroy. But what was the first thing he stole in all of history? The answer is man’s headship. Satan knew if he could ruin man’s leadership ability, he could destroy our families and ultimately ruin the planet. Look around today, he has done a good job.

However, redemption has been made, and now it’s time to take back our dominion. Although Christ has made a clear pathway, many haven’t found it and thereby fail to lead.

What’s next

In a new blog series on The Role Of Biblical Manhood, we will unpack the meaning of biblical manhood the way God has designed it. We will see Scripturally what went wrong, and what Christ did to restore it. Lastly, we will find practical ways to live it out in our daily lives.

I invite you to be courageous on this new journey— to be men who lead. We all want to see change in our communities, workplaces, and families—but if it doesn’t start with biblical manhood, it has already ended.

Let’s lead.

Daniel Harrison
Church 212
Worship Pastor

The REAL Man

Return weekly for blogs from our various writers: The following blog is written by Senior Pastor of Church 212, Mike Harrison, on Real Biblical Manhood.

We desire to help men grow into REAL MANHOOD.

“The REAL HUMAN is the being that came from the hand of God, unspoiled by sin and the fall.”

In a very real sense, the only true human beings were Adam and Eve before the fall, and Jesus. All the others are twisted, distorted, corrupted, samples of humanity. It therefore is necessary to look at humans in their original state and at Christ if we would correctly assess what it means to be human” (Erickson, Introduction to Christian Theology, 162).

Obviously, sin caused a twisted view of what a TRUE human is to look like and manhood has followed suit. The true definition of manhood has been lost within our culture. It is not uncommon for men to be cast as “idiots…clueless..the joke” of most cartoons, sitcoms, romantic comedies and the like. Few men have had role models to mentor them in what real manhood looks like. In Erickson’s statement there are only three perfect humans: Adam & Eve, and Jesus.

Adam & Eve
We do not have a lot of knowledge about Adam & Eve before sin entered their lives. The original couple were made “in His (God’s) image and in His likeness”. We know BEFORE the Fall they were shameless and walked with God. We also know man and woman were in harmony with each other. Adam had a superior intellect because he is commissioned to name all of the animals. Beyond that we don’t have much more information. But we do have Jesus. He is said to be, “the Word made flesh and dwelt among us…” which is God’s Person and thoughts animated so we could know God’s acts & ways (John 1:14 – 18).

We can read about Jesus throughout the Bible. In the Old testament we read His pre-history; prophecies about who he would be and what He would do when he comes to earth. In the New Testament we have four eye-witness accounts (Matthew, Mark, Luke, John) of His life and Passion; in Acts His work in the Early Church; and throughout the Epistles of Paul, Peter, James , John & Jude we have His life explained; in Revelation we learn all about Him and His final dealings with mankind. We study the life of Jesus Christ as our model of true humanity.

“We are seeking to multiply men who act like, respond like, and live like Jesus.” -Mike Harrison @MultiplyingMen

The New Testament is replete with stories of how Jesus encountered problems, interacted with people, and his personal teachings about how to live our lives. Watching Him through the pages of Scripture, and hearing Him teach through biblical writings we can learn how to be men…REAL MEN. For instance, as Paul teaches, “Husbands, love your wives, just as Christ loved the church and gave himself up for her” (Ephesians 5:25 NIV). This is very different from our cultural norms that have men who are self-seeking, self-made and look out for number one (self). Selflessness is a trait which Jesus exhibited throughout His life and modeled for us to follow. This is just one example of how we learn about Jesus and follow His lead.

As we listen and act on what we learn about Jesus, we begin to be transformed into His image (Romans 8:29). That’s the kind of men we want to multiply.

Join, or start a small group, to study the Bible and interact with other godly men who are all encouraging one another to be like Christ and seek to PRACTICE DAILY what they LEARN about Him.” -Mike Harrison @MultiplyingMen

In the process you will become A REAL MAN.

Written by Dr. Mike Harrison
Lead Pastor Church 212

The Man-cave: a place to rejuvenate or the Devil’s workshop?

Return weekly for blogs from our various writers: The following blog is written by senior pastor of Church 212, Mike Harrison.

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The Man-cave: a place to rejuvenate or the Devil’s workshop?

Many men like to hide away in their man-cave. Maybe to have peace and quiet, time to spend time on a hobby, a place to pray and study, or just a place to chill. All of us need time to rejuvenate. However, we need to make sure we do not let the idle mind become the Devil’s workshop. There are too many men who have succumbed to the temptation to pornography, godless entertainment, and even infidelity. Christian men are not exempt from the temptations of the enemy. A sure fire way to guard against these attacks is Christian Community.

Christian Community means we make spending time with other Christian men a priority. Oh, we can have unsaved friends too, but we need to make it a priority to balance our lives with brothers who will be praying for us and with us and to whom we can make ourselves accountable. Here are a few things you can implement to safe-guard your spiritual life as a Christian Man:

    1. Attend a church that prioritizes biblical teaching so you can maintain a strong spiritual life:  “Let us think of ways to motivate one another to acts of love and good works. And let us not neglect our meeting together, as some people do, but encourage one another, especially now that the day of his return is drawing near” (Hebrews 10:24, 25 New Living Translation). We need regular connections to a local church that feeds us spiritually, and provides a place to serve with other Christen families.
    2. Join a small group; either a Multiplying Men small group or another small group which can includes your spouse: Our church believes small groups are the best way we can provide pastoral care. In the context of a small group we forge close relationships with other believers which whom we “do life together”. A minister friend of mine said, “everyone needs care at some time in their lives, the question is where will you get it?” Your small group is people you come to trust who care for your well-being and will be there when you need help. Tweet This: Your small group is people you come to trust who care for your well-being and will be there when you need help.
    3. Plan fun events with other Christian men. It’s football season so invite a few friends over to share in your favorite past-time. Last year, I invited Christian friends to watch college football playoffs where No. 1 Alabama was playing. This included Oregon fans, Oklahoma fans AND Ohio State fans – oops☺! You can plan outings with other families who have children close to the same age as your family. Play golf with a Christian friend (of course you’ll probably have to pray a little harder to keep from throwing your clubs in the water or cursing☺). Add Christian influences in whatever events you may participate with to help encourage your decision to be a faithful follower of Christ.

The main point is clear: do not allow your natural tendency to seek solitude set you up for spiritual failure. Get up off that couch, exit the man-cave, find a church family and join a small group. Have a blast in Christian Community as you enjoy lots of fun with good company. No hangovers or other unwanted consequences either☺!

You can do what one of our very own small group hosts is doing! He’s inviting guys to his home for Monday night football–but putting side time to pray together, study God’s word together, and enjoy our Fall men’s study, the Four Pillars of a Man’s Heart.

If you’re in the area, come to our men’s event this Friday.

Life is better in Christian community.

Mike Harrison
Senior Pastor of Church 212