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Free PDF Download: “5 Threads of the Gospel: learn and share the Bible in 5 summary points.”

I am passionate about helping others understand the message of the Bible, and live it authentically in their daily lives. I write about this weekly over at and I also offer free content to my readers (as I am here).

As it can be very hard to navigate 1,189 chapters and make sense of it all, I’ve created some content to help you “get it.” Put in your email below and it’s yours free.

5 threads of the gospel

No fluff.

This PDF is succinct and provides the necessary scriptural references to help you share your message in less than 10 sentences!

If you learn these 5 points, you can have the confidence to share with others, in less than 10 sentences, the message you believe. 

And back it up with Scripture!

It’s now available at my free resources page (at my personal blog page) only accessible to insiders. Just put your email in below and get this PDF along with more free content.

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